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HTS Metrology’s rental pool of professional Metrological tools can help you obtain accurate and precise measurements. If you are installing heavy machinery, checking assemble alignments, working on a plant design or reverse engineering an item give us a call to see how we can help. Our recently expanded rental pool includes CMM Arms, Laser Trackers, Laser Alignments Systems, portable handheld metrology-grade 3D Scanners plus the necessary software packages.

HTS Metrology also offers Data Collection. Don’t have the time to get your employees up-to-speed with the lastest metrology tools? Our professionally trained technicians can come to your worksite and complete the measurements easily and efficiently. With offices in TX. & CA. we have the equipment and the experienced  personnel to carry out your project for you with minimal effort on yor part.

Errors in measurement and design are costly mistakes for any company, so using the equipment best-suited for your particular job is paramount. Let HTS Metrology’s experienced technicians guide you through your options.

Why HTS Metrology?

Measurement Equipment
For Rent

Laser trackers, portable arms, 3D scanners, laser alignment systems, licensed software.

Rent for a day, a week, a month, a year: we have customized options to suit your needs.

Metrology Rental Equipment

Accurate Data
Accurate Data Collection

HTS Advanced Solutions has professionally trained technicians available to travel to your worksite to capture your data.

Additionally, they can process the data if required.

Metrology Data Collection

Metrology Equipment / Software Training

Need help getting your technicians up to speed with the latest metrology equipment and software? 

Our training classes, at your location or ours in TX & CA, can help prepare your personnel for your project.

Metrology Training

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Offices in Texas & California
24/7 Global Support